Thursday, July 7, 2011

Soch h ???

requirement h aadi kyu, testing hui h bhaari kyu
defects choot jate h kyu.
client kyu h roothte, project kyu h lootte
excalation hota h kyu
socha h , ye tumne kya kabhi socha h, socha h
socha nahi to socho abhi...

data flow dikhai nahi deta,aur procedures error h dete
socha h kya kabhi hota h ye kyu

boss ko h garmi kyu,weekend bhi me kaam karu
status mail mein kya me bheju
planning h hoti kya,wsr mein h jata kya
audit hoti h kyu
socha h, ye tumne kya kabhi socha h,socha nahi to socho abhi

overtime kyu dikhai nai deta,incentives diye nahi jate
compoff milte nahi socha h ye kyu.....

requirement h aadi kyu, testing hui........
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Indians and All well that ends well

well guys , this time I have no complains to Government or the Policy makers but I am seriously disgusted with closed Indian mentality that is not ready to accept truth.

I watched movies where a robber turns into a saint, and he is readily forgiven for all his robberies. I read few books where a over ambitious person do a lot of devilish stuff and still escapes the punishment.

I don't understand the need to keep Ajmal Kasab alive till today and investmenting heavily in keeping him alive. Why do Govt has to use our hard earned cash to keep alive a cockroach like Kasab. Well , not deviating from the topic much, I tried figuring out why can't we give up our notion of All Well that Ends Well. Even SRK was able to make a successful movie just out of this notion.

I recently read a book "If God was a Banker". First of all there was nothing referring to God, except for God being remembered on two lines in the entire book. Damm! What a bad relevance of the topic to content. There a guy in the book who is over ambitious and one who cannot accept failure. This guy is so egoist that he cant even tolerate any one turning him down. He is sinful and devil, he can go to any extent to full fill his own desires. He has no emotions , he forces women around him to be in relationship with him, betray their spouses. At a time this guy can handle 6 7 women. He either asks directly to these women for satisfying him or made the situations where they fall prey to him. He is a fraud, makes millions of USD through illegal means , giving benefits to all those who could satisfy his crouch or his account.

Now , its the judgement time. He is asked to testify for all the charges. He is being interrogated and big people in the organisation are willing to take it to media and fire him. Everything is going on well, he is about to pay for his sins. But wait for a sec, the writer thought how will this book sell if nothing ends well. Shit, this writer screwed it all. He made a climax where this guy is forgiven for all his sins. His family accepts him, society accepts him.

WTF, if this is true, why cant you accept people like kasab , dawood. You cant accept them coz you feel that what they have done is not right. when you believe in Karma, why cant you express yourself in books, in media and novels. Why do writers , story tellers have to stick with All well thing. Media please write what is true and not bluff around. What people read is directly effecting the way they think. Your All well notion is somewhere making them think that they can chose wrong ways and still escape. It is very evident from the current situation of the country. Please narrate the right thing even though it comes a hard way. Make people learn , they have to pay for their sins in a very hard way.

A fear of payback can help avoid people from committing sins. Work on making this world a better place to live in.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Relation kya h ???

Relation kya h ? uttar relation ek defect h

Relation ek defect ki tarah h , kal bhi tha , aaj bhi h , kal bhi rahega
Parth tum relation k moh mein naa pado , ye relation wo defect h jo kabhi functional , kabhi cosmetic ,To kabhi regression k roop dharan kar k tumhare samne aata h

Relation bhi defect ki tarah tumhare samne hokar bhi tumhari najro se chupa rahega. Tum kitni bhi koshish kar lo, tum ise nahi pehchaan sakte. Par jaise ki UAT/BAT user , client unn defects ko pakadte h , waise hi relation ko bhi tumhare office wale, padosi hi pehchaanenge aur chugli karenge.

Relation bhi defect ki tarah door se dikhai deta h, par jab tum uske pas jate ho , to jaise defect ko descope ya enhancement batakar deferred kar diya jata h, usi prakar tumhe bhi ek normal friend bolkar bhaga diya jayega.

Jaise defect apne life cycle mein anek roop leta h , jaise new defect , approved, resolved, closed, theek usi prakar relation bhi crush se shuru hota h, fir msg chat pe jata h, fir late night call, first date se hota hua break up tak, kabhi kabhi relation break up pe nahi jata wo shaadi pe chala jata h, jaise ki defect agle release mein functionality bann jata h . par aam taur pe relation defect ki tarah hi crush se shuru hokar break up pe ata h , jaise defect new se closed banta h

Defect ki tarah hi relation bhi aapko naa naa prakar k follow up karna sikhata h. defect k liye aap dev se follow up karte ho, analyst se follow up karte ho, usi prakar relation mein aap kuch bhool gaye to manane k liye follow up, unhe kuch chahiye to uska follow up, raat mein aapne baat nahi ki to uska follow up.

Jaise defect k andar dev walo ka manager aur QA walo k manager hote h jo bigarti hui baat sambhalte h, theek usi prakar relation mein bhi 2 best friends hote h jo aapko har samasya se nikaalne k liye velle baithe rehte h

Jaise defect k raise hote hi , poori team use resolve karne mein lag jati , chahe wo kisi k bhi against raised ho , theek usi prakar relation chahe shuru hua ho ya khatam hua ho, poori dunia relation k bare mein gossip karne mein lag jati h

Jis prakar hum ek release khatam hone k baad uss release mein aaye defects ka client k sath causal analysis karte h , theek usi prakar hum ek relation over hone k baad samne wale se baith k discuss karte h ki galti kaha aur kisse hui. Aksar aise cases mein samne wala causal analysis k baad bhi vendor change nahi karta, par agar release bade level pe fail hua to client project cheen leta h , usi prakar agar aap adiyal rahe to samne wala aapko laat maar k bhaga deta h.
kabhi kabhi ye itna bhayanak drashya ho sakta h ki , vendor ko ramp down karna padta h, theek usi prakar relation mein aapko kai prakar ki shopping , daaru , senti song ka sahara lena padta h.

Jeevan nirantar h , ye kaal samay ka chakra kabhi kisi k liye nahi rukta. Jaise ek release khatam hone k baad aap poorane defects ko bhool jate ho , theek usi prakar ek relation k baad dosre mein aap porane vyakti ko yaad nahi karte ho.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Code Of Conduct for break up

On one fine evening , I was relaxing on my bed watching movie. There was a nice breeze that day, cool air passing through my hairs. That was such an amazing feel. I felt lighter and content. But wait a second what am I writing , this post is supposed to be about break up thing. How can it be so smooth? Awww… bad really bad on my part , sorry mislead you people.
Well , yeah this blog is supposed to be about my break up thing. Please man now I am trying to get into the mood of heart break kid and you are on to literal meaning. My body is not disintegrating, its about break up from my relationship. Where is my glycerin man , I need to make the ambience like that. Please note this is for the readers , now I am crying , so whatever I am writing should be taken seriously :P.
Ok, so on that fine evening , which I described above. When I was about to attain nirvana , my cell phone beeped and I donno some invisible hand pulled me back into this world. I was back with a BANg, though this sound was made piece of my heart my X10 mini fell on the floor. What next I read on the screen was breath stopping like I just got a paralysis attack and everything went numb. From the blues of sky some alien has done something in my phone, the message was from my gal and it read ‘I am not in a relationship with you anymore’. Hmm , that is a mistake definitely a mistake , some one else’s message got delivered to me with her name. I know she will call in night and we’ll talk about everything under the sky.
1 hour passed, 2 hours, when these hours became days , I have no idea. Man this is serious , there was no alien who did that, it was her and she was damm ! serious . I am into shit now deep shit!!.so I decided like every time to pick up my phone and call her sort out the things, but then due to some data processing in my head I did nothing. So this was a stupid story of my break up. But what is to be mentioned here is, I donno how to react , I donno what to say and do as I am going through my break up. AAwwwww … I have watched so many bollywood movies , but they are of no help. Someone said you should listen to sad songs and cry , listening part was ok but man I couldn’t cry as I don’t feel anything. Now this is serious , I should cry coz that is the code of conduct of break up. Well that is the teasing part I am not sad , I am not crying , I am doing no crazy stuff. But , this is not the way ideally people after breakup do. Rather I am feeling awesome , I enjoyed loads of movie and I am feeling awesome. I am clueless why am I feeling so. Any ways the next post will be more of gossips and images that attract you in all corners .
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missing Saturday

when i came to mumbai, in the initial days we used to just wait for Saturdays so that we can go out n have fun. but this is to our dismay that as we grew in experience ( though i learned nothing :( ), i kept on losing the zeal to enjoy life. the routine effected the mannerism and sometimes questions the very existence of me.

Saturdays used to be the days when we woke up late in morning and sometimes if had a friday night out then even late in afternoons. thanks to the alcohol ( the best buddy to all of us) and all those hot chicks who were just around us. they never will be with us i guess ( have to say those Gals have a bad time , as they keep missing us). don't feel very great n proud as i am trying to make every one reading this feel guilty.
Need to make a remark here that i seriously miss some crazy bastards who will push u to enjoy, to go out have fun, ask those chicks out. may be some stifler is missing in our lives.

coming back to my saturday, it used to be with Simon at our place. Well FYI Simon dont come these days , think he found some interest in Vashi. day used to start with Hangover , moving to a tea stall looking for remedy to that monster headache. coming back and then doing business who who paid for what , called as Hisaab . Damm !!! i hate this, screw up. i hate this becoz of the complexity involved , not mathematically but when u have to give money as change :-X.

entire week's pressure , pains would disappear just with beer ( wont say 1 , as one is never sufficient :P) and movies. staring at gals from the window using some one's binoculars was amazing. i know that is bad practice , but no one stops bribe that eats nation , why to stop us we dont harm any one.the objective was to forget that we mis our families , our love. we have amazing people around us , but we restrain ourselves to be with them. but saturdays would change everything, no restriction no bounding.

but the day this production , go live activity has started on week ends they made my weekends shrink, saturdays extinct and sundays a rare thing in my life. if business does not happen on weekends , people dont trade do transactions then why do u spoil my week end. ever since this has happened i miss Simon, my beer , my movies , my nightouts, my window , my binoculars checking gals and above all my happy Saturdays.

people technology comes again, projects come again , but Saturdays once gone don't revert. the whole point of investing my time and wasting yours is go out have fun, work hard in week days . enjoy saturdays, get along with nice babes to nice pubs disc or what ever your pocket allows ( i know a lot u r like me fresher with almost no money , gareebo :P). dont think that this is waste of money, but a tranquilizer to ur undressed emotions :P. dont waste ur time reading my blog now, go have fun, u already wasted 10 mins reading this. Damm!!! it takes so long to motivate u all losers like me :P

Lets pledge we wont mis saturday and sunday from now onwards. good going keep enjoying my Pravachans :P
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